Friday, November 30, 2007

Item 032: Kingdom Animalia(Sold Out)

Black (Sold)
another pinafore, and its gerrofe-fy this time. we know how pinafores are so much in at the moment, we're just helping you find the perfect one. if you're looking for something different, this is it. forget the plain old ones. get one which has prints on it. make a statement, tell everyone how much you adore animals ;)
and one fact you should know: the straps are completely adjustable. it actually has a hole where you put the straps through, so you can tie it up to whichever length you desire!
brand new
black fits s and m
white would fit m and l
striped tee is inclusive of purchase
only one piece each colour

5 loves:

cokelat.stoberi said...

do u sell the stripe shirt?
i want?

drestres said...

mailed u :)

Anonymous said...

hey, i'd like to have the blck one pls. email me at love ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey is the black one still available?

drestres said...

just drop me an email k :) but currently, only the white one is available. but if ur really interested in the black piece, ill c what i can do

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