Saturday, November 24, 2007

Item 030: Zebra(Sold Out!)

brand new
free size
four pieces available (3 white/black print, 1 pink/black print)
*update on 25/11/07, 3.54pm: one piece reserved
*update on 25/11/07, 11.50pm: another piece reserved
item is sold out!

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sholay said...

Hello there!
Is the pink/black still available? I want one!! :(

drestres said...

so sorry, but the item is sold out. just check back the page incase i can bring more stocks in ok :)

sholay said...

Oh no!!! :(
Yup,I've bookmark-ed the page..

I really hope the new stocks will be in soon... :(

If u have it, jes email me ya:

Thanks :'(

drestres said...

okie sholay. will do that. thanks babe! oh an another option instead of bookmarking is u can subscribe to us. just type in ur email at the form on the right side of the page :))) thanks!

sholay said...

Done that dear!! Thanks alot :)

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