Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fergie Love (Sold!)


After getting very positive response from you guys for this top, we searched high and low, near and far for more of this. We pleaded our supplier to get more and after rummaging through all their stock, they only have one of fergie love in black available.
Now, this item is open for bidding!
1. To bid, leave a comment on this post together with your email address.
2.The minimum bid increment is rm3
3. Bidding starts at rm35
4. We will contact the highest bidder of this item after stagnant activity of 1 day

3 loves:

joanNa*::.. said...

hi if no one wants this i'll consider it :)

joanNa*::.. said...

ok i bid RM 35..but this has been stagnant for like 3 days! so doesnt tht mean i get it lol

drestres said...

hey joanna! sent you and email about this, hope u get it. and btw, the amount is currently at rm38 :)

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