Monday, November 12, 2007

Item 013: School Cool (Sold Out!)

wear it with plain basic tees
or make it printed!
or, just wear it as it is.

Ladies, school is cool! Think that your old school pinafore days are over? Well, think again! This pinafore dress is one way to style up the image of the boring old blue school uniform. And, you can wear it whichever way you want. It's like having a few different outfits thrown into one.

brand new

material is very stretchable


fits s and m

*item comes with printed tee in 2nd picture
**colour is true to 1st picture
***update on 12/11/07, 9.31pm: we went searching for more of these, and we have four school cool up for sale!
*1 booked by ms nadya
*1 sold miss elly
*1 sold to ms serene
selling one more of this due to a backed out buyer
**update on 20/12/07 ;sold!

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