Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Item 017: Shortbreads(Sold Out!)

as fergie love was such a big hit and went sold out so fast, we felt bad for the others who didnt get a taste of the item.

so, we looked everywhere to find you something similar, but this time it's the shorts version. verry cute don't you think?

the straps are detachable so you can wear this two ways, either with the straps or without, as normal shorts!

brand new

fits m and l


item comes in two colours, white and brown

measurements: 15" across the waist,16" from waist to shoulders (the straps) when it is worn in an X, 17" (straps) when worn normally (shape of an I)

*update on 17/11/07, 10.37 am: brown SOLD!

white SOLD!

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