Saturday, May 14, 2011

May Updates-Even more new items!

Hey there shoppers!
We bring you more items up for grabs!

We are big on versatility now, so keep on scrolling for tops and styles that can be use for various occasions;
work, interview, classes, dates, party, family occasion...well you get the drill =)

Happy Shopping!

Item 228: Black Chiffon Top

Fits S-M
With zip at the side

Front Views of the top
Side view of the top

Chic black chiffon top
can be worn for all types of occasion

RM 45

Item 229: Floral Blazer

Fits XS-M
Cotton on inspired crop blazer
Made from very soft (lightweight) cotton material
Front view
RM 40

Item 230:Grey Tom Shirt
Fits S-M
With cool button details on shoulders and sleeves

RM 49

Item 231: White Military Inspired Blouse

Fits S-M
A great shirt with even greater details!

Sleeve details

RM 45

 Item 232: Gold and Black stripe top & High Waisted Pants

The perfect combination for that chic Parisian feel!

Gold & Black Stripe Top
Fits S-M
Made from non-scratchy material

High waisted pants
Dorothy Perkins inspired-with similar comfortable material!
Fits S-M


Item 233: Grey Pinafore Dress
Fits S-L
Made from very high quality cotton
Adorable pinafore for all ages and occasions!
Pocket View

Zipped at the back-comfortable and sexy at the same time!

Stylish pinafore is not just for school-
wear it for work, classes, and many more !

RM 45

Item 234:  Chiffon Rose Blouse

Fits S-L
Made from very comfortable chiffon
Eye catching details!
Ruffled sleeves

RM 49

Item 235:  Pink with Black Lapel Blazer
Available in S and M
Pink, black and a bow- the perfect combination!
cute lil' stiching at the back

Pink with black lapel blazer
Very versatile-can be paired with a dress for a fun night out,
or jeans and tank top for a family outing!

RM 55

Item 236: Quirky Shoe Dress

Perfect for that first date!
Back View

Quirky dress with shoe patterns
Comes with a sash- wear it loose for the demure look, or tight ala Katy Perry!

RM 53

Thursday, May 12, 2011

May Updates Are Here!

Hey clothes lovers!
New items are finally here just for you lovelies!

Item 224: The Boho Dress

Fits S-L
Made from chiffon with lining

Back view, with sash
gorgeous color!

Made from extremely comfy chiffon with lining,
Can be worn as dress or top (perfect for our always summer weather!)

RM 49

Item 224 (a): Rust Top

Fits S-L
Made from good quality cotton

The rust top

The sleeves

Extremely comfortable rust top,
Made from very good quality cotton!

RM 45

Item 225: Daisy flowy top

Free Size 
Comes with sash

Daisy Flowy Top

Daisy Flowy Top
Back View

Daisy Flowy Top
Side View

Daisy Flowy Top,
Can be worn as top or dress.
Comes with a sash!
RM 45

Item 226 : Grey Chiffon Hoodie
Free Size
(We apologize for the visible creases )

The hoodie

chiffon top with sash and hoodie!
The sleeves

RM 49

Item 227 :  Nautical Cardi

Free Size (fits XS-L)

The sleeves

Let it loose or button it up-Looks good either way!

The Nautical Cardi
Made from high quality cotton with 
gorgeous stitching details!

RM 55

And that's not all, folks!
even more items are coming this way,

be sure to stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May Updates Lovelies!

We will be updating tonight, ladies!
Stay tuned! 

Updates will be on our facebook page!
Do add us, and happy browsing!