Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February Sale on Facebook!

Here's a sneak peek for your eyes, ladies. :)

College Book Bag. RM 30

BabyDoll Mini. RM 25


Yellow Vest. RM 20

Mustard Braided Bag. RM 35

Wraparound Mini Dress. RM 25

Zebra Instinct Maxi. RM 30

Flair Floral Top. RM 25

Country Patches Maxi. Rm 35

Purple Tube Dress. RM 29

Striped-Winged Top. RM 25

Mini Dress with Epaulets. RM 35

College Book Bag. RM 30

Lace Dress. RM 30
Faux Ostrich Bag. RM 39

Smocked Vintage Dress. RM 30

Red Tube Dress. RM 35
Red Clutch. RM 30

Pink Tote. RM 30

Splatter Toga Dress. RM 30

For more details, please do visit our Facebook page!
Enjoy, ladies. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

February Sale!

Coming up soon, our February Sale you won't want to miss!