Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Item 093: Black Kimono

We know that kimono dresses are so in right now, and we've brought you one straight from down under. Its simple which also translate to sophisticated, and you know how black just goes with everything. You can never go wrong with a black dress.
This dress is by the famous Aussie brand JeansWest.
Brand New With Tags
Size L
Selling for MYR35
(original price AUD 24.99 = MYR 60)
Status: SOLD!

Item 092: SummerStrip

We love things of colour, and we're sure that you do too. This bright halter top would sure make heads turn. And it's sexy too, perfect if you wanna show some skin. The embellishment just under the bust line is made out of plastic, and it adds something extra to the top.
This top is by Valleygirl, a well known Australian brand.
If you love stripes and colours, you know you'll be heading for that inbox of yours ;)
Brand New With Tags
Available in S and M
(the cutting of this top runs a tad big, the S would probably be a better fit for an M, and so on)
Selling for MYR30
1 Piece in S SOLD!
1 piece in S SOLD!
1 piece in M SOLD!
Item spotted by Shopping Critique. Thank you!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Item 091: The Purple Bow (SOLD!)

Bow in front

Bow at the back, your pick! :)

Also availabe in black as well!

Available in;

Purple (Size S) - SOLD

Size S - SOLD

Size M - SOLD

Item 090: Checkered & Vest (SOLD!)

A simple checkered top , a must have for every wardrobe.
Brand New
Fits S & M

Also selling ; adjustable vest

Item 089: Oh! Mary(Sold Out!)

This kimono-like top is made out of stretchy material, so you know you'll be comfortable in this top. The prints on this top is so sweet, you could just melt.

Brand New With Tags

Available in Pink (size S) and White (size S)

Selling for MYR39
(original price AUD24.95 = MYR 60)

red sold!
white sold!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Item 088: Twisted Halter

You know how satin clings to your body and shows your every curve. Although it looks simple, you know you'll get some stares in this dress. This halter gives a surprise twist at the back, and shows off your sexy back with its low cutting.
Brand New With Tags
Size M only
Selling for MYR45
(original price AUD59.95 = MYR143)
Status: SOLD!
Only 1 piece available so grab them fast!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Item 087: Creamy(Sold)

Another super cute piece of clothing in off-white :)
Brand New With Tags
Size S only
Selling for MYR 20
(original price AUD20 = MYR 47)

Item 086: Pink Bamboo(Sold!)

The dress has two cute pockets as shown.

We love the prints on this apron dress. It is made out of thick cotton material, but are still comfortable to wear. It has a zipper at he back, so you'll get into the dress quite easily. The dress is y Supre, another famous Australian brand. It was selling for $65 in Australia. But ofcourse we wouldnt ask you to pay that much for this cute dress. So worry not, your pockets would still be full when you get your hands on this item.

Brand New With Tags

Selling for MYR 40
(original price AUD65 = MYR155)
Tagged size S, but is a little loose for the size S model.
Would recommend this number for an M or a small L body

Monday, December 15, 2008

Item 085: Rock On(Sold!)

When it is one of the days when you feel like slipping on to jeans and a simple t-shirt, you could still be doing that with style. If you still wanna show some skin, wear this with a mini skirt, and you've got winning combo.
This printed tshirt is by the Australian brand JeansWest.
Brand New With Tags
Size S
Selling for MYR 30
(original price AUD24.99 = MYR 60)

Item 084: Satin Bliss(Sold Out!)

Love what you see? This minidress definately would turn heads. Made out of satin material, it just spells out gorgeous. Whats more, you could wear it with different styles as shown, and also whichever ways you could come up with. Talk about diversity.
Retailed at $49.95 in Australia by the famous Aussie brand ICE, you won't be getting this anywhere else, and in cheaper, local ringgit!
Brand New With Tags
Size: Available in XS (one piece), S (two pieces), and M (one piece)
Selling for an eye-popping MYR 40
(original price AUD49.95 = MYR 120)
Grab them before they're gone!
(As items are from Australia, they are not restockable)
*update: item in XS SOLD!
*second update: item in S both SOLD!

Item 083: Bold and Beautiful

This sassy dress is perfect for those who love bold colour and designs. The contrast between yellow and black makes everything stand out. So if you want to stand out in the crowd, this number is definately for you!
The dress is made out of cotton material, so it works for casual outings.

Brand New With Tags
Size: Available in UK8 and UK10
MYR 39
Now MYR29!

Size UK8: SOLD
Size UK10: SOLD

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back In Business

Yes babes. The ladies from drestres are back!
We apologize for being MIA for the past few months. It's because one of us went abroad for her studies, and now she's back for the holidays with
stuff from down under!
Drestres is now selling fabulous stuff from Aussie at Malaysian prices. Talk about getting something no one else has!
So girls, stay tuned because our coming posts are going to be fabulous!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Item 082; Cardigan 6 (SOLD!)

Comes in 2 colors as shown

Tube dress&accessory not included

Item 081; Melon Jersey(SOLD!)

Brand New

Color is true to 2nd photo

Accesories not included

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Item 080; Smocked Tube Dress (SOLD!)

bust width across: 11 "
length : 22.5 "