Tuesday, December 25, 2007

YEAR END SALE! all at RM15 each!(ALL SOLD!)

Buttons for your Bottoms
In black(Sold) and sandy(Sold)
Bohemian Beauty(Sold)
Halter Melter(Sold) and That Jumpsuit Mini(Sold)
Button Up!(Sold)
Birdie(Sold) and Metal Queen(Sold)
Punk(Sold) and Starry(Sold)

1.all items are brand new.

2.first come first served basis.
3.and yes, all of the items in this post are at rm15 each, prices are non negotiable.

4.for better, clearer pictures, just scroll down and find the previous post of the item you're interested in.

5.strictly no backing out, and prompt payment is needed

thank you and happy new year!! :DD

7 loves:

Syaida said...

i like the light brown buttoned skirt.=), so technically, i want it.hehe.

drestres said...

syaida, you've got mail hun :)

Anonymous said...

am interested in bohemian beauty.

drestres said...

mailed you too :)

Anonymous said...

interested in the birdie piece
louanne_f86@hotmail.com :)

Jayne said...

Hi. Do you ship overseas? I haven't been able to go back to Malaysia for almost a year, and I'm not only missing the food, but my god, the shopping. I'm desperate to get that jumpsuit mini. :)

saRah said...

jumpsuit mini still available ?

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