Saturday, December 15, 2007

Item 052: Biker Bombshell Part II


Army Green

if you took part in the survey we did a few weeks earlier, and noticed the results, well, the most popular item was biker bombshell, one of our very first sales. so when we saw this cropped jacket, it quickly reminded us of that piece (thus the name). and of course, you could wear this either buttoned or un buttoned. with so many different styles only with a simple positioning og the buttons, it'll certainly spice up any boring plain tops, and provide coverage whenever you need some. and with colours easy to match with anything else, this item is a must in every girl's wardrobe. we've even bought one for ourselves ;)

brand new
fits s and m
available in grey(2 pieces), white(2 pieces) and army green(1 piece)

All Sold Out!

5 loves:

XalongX said...


pls check ur email eyh ;)

drestres said...

zainura eh? :)

Abirami Shavani said...

Im interested in the army green one... mail me please: aby2099 at gmail dot com

eunice said...

m interested in the army green one too...

Bellifer said...

I'm very, very interested in the army green one. pleasy weasy?

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