Monday, December 15, 2008

Item 084: Satin Bliss(Sold Out!)

Love what you see? This minidress definately would turn heads. Made out of satin material, it just spells out gorgeous. Whats more, you could wear it with different styles as shown, and also whichever ways you could come up with. Talk about diversity.
Retailed at $49.95 in Australia by the famous Aussie brand ICE, you won't be getting this anywhere else, and in cheaper, local ringgit!
Brand New With Tags
Size: Available in XS (one piece), S (two pieces), and M (one piece)
Selling for an eye-popping MYR 40
(original price AUD49.95 = MYR 120)
Grab them before they're gone!
(As items are from Australia, they are not restockable)
*update: item in XS SOLD!
*second update: item in S both SOLD!

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