Thursday, February 4, 2010

Item 185: Sage Bag

Side view

This is how the inside looks like

Short strap
With long strap

Something similiar to our Triad back then, this time we bring you this Sage Bag that comes with 2 detachable straps,long and short.Also hand carry-able.

Available in 2 colors,
teal (SOLD!)
(Scarf is not inclusive)

MYR 49

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Anonymous said...

Nur Diyanah - I emailed you abt Taupe :)

Anonymous said...

shazlin-this is my email add

Anonymous said...

shazlin-i want to order the taupe one~=)

Anonymous said...

shazlin-just as a notification, i've already deposited the payment to ur account.btw, kindly check ur email.cant wait 2 get my stuffs.hehe~~=)

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